The best seed starter money already bought!

I was cooking my son two eggs over easy this morning and as I was throwing away the three fold plastic container I realized something.

Outside my windows the landscape is dominated by snow and ice from yesterdays storm. The garden is covered in inches of snow. We are far from planting. That being said I am still sprouting seeds. Always looking for alternative means as I walked to the pantry with this three layer egg carton I realized how effective this thing could be. It’s a portable mini greenhouse and it comes with a free dozen eggs!


Here it is filled with dirt you can see though the amount of dirt is small there is plenty to sprout your seeds while we wait for warm temps

Here she is all packed up. Tight and effective space saver. I feel like the layers of plastic along with its confines space will really impact the environment inside. If you water from the bottom without opening it this will be a great place yo get a head start on Summer plants like tomatoes and peppers even in a cold house.

I am gonna poke holes in the bottom and place in a small tupperware water bath. Once absorbed I will move it to a window for sunlight.

This is a great example of saving money and keeping that mental motor running. I have seen similar setups for $5 and higher. Like I said these come with a free dozen eggs.

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