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Be a part of the LIVE broadcast of I AM Liberty every Friday 9ET on listen and chat or call in (347)202-0228. We are also available on Though links to the weeks shows are also posted on the main page of this site.

I dont even know if its a prepper show anymore but its THE show you need to listen to. If you are a young parent or know a young parent or perhaps you are simply concerned with the future listen to I AM Liberty. I like many others have been cursed with a prognasticative come suffer with me as we look forward and make our best attempts to change the course.

We focus on a movement we call Rerooting America. Which is the next step of preparedness. Building strong communities using seven core initiatives within your community. These are not “prepper” communities. Instead just strong self reliant communities that communicate and mobilize to face issues and threats. Mentoring, Community Agriculture, Co Op Business, Barter, Timebanking, Renewable Energies and Precious Metals. We also have relevant guests and exciting conversation that is very engaging and entertaining.

I Am Liberty is not your average prepper show. Its not about bug out bags and water filters. We have goals and we are working towards a better America for everyone.

Even on your mobile device!

11 thoughts on “The Podcast

  1. Love the show, however can you change that battery in the smoke detector in the background. It drives me nuts, lol. Keep hearing that beep evey few min, for the past few epiodes.

    • HAHAHA! man that is so great. Its wired to the house! and my family and I are so inandated with it the sound that I dont even hear it. Chris I am recording a show tonight. I will pull that thing out when I get home today. Thanks for that cuz I never would have recognized it.

      • Thats okay, I’m probably tuned into it more because I use to design fire safety systems. Even though it is a hard wired system there is a backup battery in it, when it goes dead it will make that churp, even though it’s plugged into the house. It’s a safety feature in case of power loss you don’t have a dead backup battery. If you take it down, the battery door is usually in the front, side or in rear of the detector. Might want to check the date code as well, if it’s over 10 years replace it, if it’s a CO detector replacement is every 5 years. Don’t forget to test and check your detectors every year (new years day is a good day) Always have your detectors in good working order it can save lives 🙂

  2. james walton on said:

    Read the email on the air for last nights recording. That is a big deal man. I just cant get over it. Imagine what a nation we could be if we all took the time to push a youngster in the right direction

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  4. Elyce Brown on said:

    It’s interesting to listen to you pour your heart out, and I relate to a lot of your feelings about our society, but I don’t get your unkindness and harsh generalization of atheists. You seem to think atheists are incapable of recognizing truths wherever they may be found, whether it’s in the bible or elsewhere, and that we are all pot smokers. Really unnecessarily divisive when we are supposed to be about coming together. Maybe spread the love to nonbelievers?

    • First let me say thank you so much for listening to I AM Liberty. This really is a quest for one listener at a time. I would really like to address your issue live Friday night but in the meantime….I didn’t believe in god for years. Since then so much good has come my way I simply can’t deny the existence of something. Same time, the bible reads like an X Men comic in some parts. I am very much on the fence on somethings myself. Still there is a certain type of atheist that lives to poke at people who believe. Though this show is very much about not categorizing people I should be more cognizant of that. On pot, I think it muds up the minds of an already confused population. I will never bend on that. It’s a killer, mind altering drug that I wish we as a nation could step away from. more on this Friday tune in and thank you again Elyce

      • Elyce Brown on said:

        I totally agree about pot, believe me. I’m so frustrated at how prevalent it’s become, among the so-called adults in our society, and even parents. I guess you saying that does make me realize that I also get divisive on some things. It just sounded like in your podcast, you were lumping in atheists and pot smokers as automatically going together. They don’t. Most of the people I know currently who smoke pot are also church goers. I don’t criticize believers, because no one can prove anything either way for certain, but I notice the respect is rarely mutual. Must have something to do with Christianity teaching that it is the only way.

      • That’s the inherent danger of any belief system. It’s has to alienate to be relavent. Also those from the pews can be as evil as anybody else no doubt about it. You’ve inspired me to do a show on this topic.

    • Elyce Brown on said:

      Cool, thanks. I worry about religious (and non-religious) extremism post SHTF. It’s also really interesting to me how sometimes the most adamant individuals on a particular viewpoint once held the opposing viewpoint. It’s like they are trying to make up for having (in their minds) been so wrong.

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