I AM LIBERTY Sponsorship Information

Thank you very much for considering I AM Liberty as part of your marketing plan. We feel that our weekly show can be a great vehicle for products we believe in. Below we have outlined the benefits of being a sponsor of I AM Liberty as well as some details about the show.


What we are offering?


  • Two ad spots per show

Your product will be featured twice on each episode of I AM Liberty. Once at the head of the show and then at a point that is relevant to your product within the content of the show. Typically this second stop will be closer to the middle of the show.

We can read a prewritten ad if that is what you prefer. However, the reason I am contacting you is because I believe your product and want to talk about it! The audience will much better receive your product if my ad spot is genuine and blended with the context of the show

  • I hate banner ads!!

Do you really want your money going towards another colored box on a page filled with other colored boxes? I don’t want your product to blend in I want it to stick out! Also it makes sites look hideous.

  •  One interview on our live broadcast


I believe that when our audience gets to know the person behind the product this garners much more support for the product or service they are offering. Though its not a necessity I highly recommend you take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity.


(if you choose to stay with us for the year we will provide 2 interviews on our show just as an added perk to increase awareness of the product and most importantly the person behind the product.)


What that costs ?bbbbbbbbbbbb


I AM Liberty is not fishing for long term agreements we understand the economic climate. We offer a $45 per show cost for sponsorship. However, what I do recommend is that you make your sponsorship with I AM Liberty effective by placing your product in the face of our audience for at least a month. This will give them time to get to know your product through the host’s ads and recommendations.

Cost Breakdown


Per Show Monthly Quarterly Annual
$45 $160 $400 $1200

A little bit about I Am Liberty


We are a little over 2 years old now and started out of my own ignorance to preparedness. I was trapped in my home by fallen trees in the aftermath of a hurricane in 2011. I took a strange opportunity to do a show on I went in with an attitude of lets learn together on I AM Liberty.

Since then we have been taken on by and now have a weekly podcast uploaded on Thursday to Prepper Podcast and a live show Friday nights 98ET on Prepper Broadcasting.


How people listen

I AM Liberty is heard in over 40 countries world wide with the great bulk of our listeners coming from the United States, Canada and Europe

71%Web Browsers
11.2% Mobile Web Browsers
5.5% Podcatchers
4.8% Tablet/Pad Browsers
4.3% Mobile Apps
2.7% others

Why people listen and why we are growing?


Though we are a featured show on two of the biggest prepper networks on the web I think people listen and our audience is growing in part because we are offering solutions. With our movement to Reroot America ( as well as my off topic discussions about things other than preparedness. We try to stay off the evil government soapbox and keep it positive. I cannot discount our great pool of guests that frequent I AM Liberty either from scientists and investors to industry professionals in preparedness and even some good friends of mine!


Our podcasting goals


We are an entertainment medium first and foremost so we look to create content and conversation that is entertaining and informative. Within that we are constantly pushing our Reroot USA movement. This is the strengthening of communities through sustainability and other initiatives. Outside of our two main goals we wish to grow and diversify our audience even further.



Where we sit in this niche market


With the help of our two major broadcasters and our own promotion efforts I AM Liberty has become an exciting new kid on the block of the prepper niche. I am proud of this.


Thanks to our great production teams at the Prepper Podcast Radio Network and The Prepper Broadcasting Network my shows are often featured on and receive up to 2000 downloads in that first week. These downloads continue to grow from the creation of the show thanks to our great topics and keyword uses.


There is a bright future for I AM Liberty in this market and even growth beyond.

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